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Voice Network Architecture
Specializing in Open-Source Software and High-Availability

Direct Leap has been pushing the limits of voice network design for years. We have designed, prototyped, and deployed systems ranging up to thousands of simultaneous calls.

Let Direct Leap create a bespoke network architecture for your enterprise service or service provider network, to deliver the ultimate in reliability, business continuity, and quality assurance.

::. Vendor-Independent Warm- or Hot-Standby
We support mixed networks with a live and spare system of different vendors.

::. High Availability for Embedded Products
We offer live-call handoff for embedded appliances to an onsite hot spare, or a remote backup service. We can transparently reroute calls if VoIP quality degrades.

::. Remote Fail-over and Load Distribution Between Sites
Fail-over without interrupting calls in many situations, even using offsite hot-spares.

::. VoIP Load Balancing and Clustering
Our clustered IVR servers solutions support up to 5,000 simultaneous calls. For larger VoIP networks, we deploy multiple load balancers behind a large router.

::. Achieve High-Densities using Commodity Hardware
Using Sun hardware we deliver thousands of simultaneous calls with incredibly high rackmount densities.

::. Handling Extreme Call Set-up Load Scenarios
Network design to support 10,000 call set-ups per second or more using standard hardware.

::. Automated Call Quality Scoring and Monitoring
Integrates with your network monitoring system to set thresholds for call setup delay, DTMF detection rates, call path latency, and call quality disruption.

::. SS7, SIP7, and TDM Interoperability

::. Interop and Development for SIP, H.323, MGCP, IAX2, and SCCP

::. Support for Location-based Services

::. Deployment of Disaster Recovery Sites

::. Database Replication and Clustering

::. Voice Compression for up to 225 Channels per Mbps
Up to 150 encrypted channels using standard G.729 codec.

Packages Supported

::. PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL Clusters

::. OpenSIPS (formerly OpenSER)

::. Asterisk PBX™

::. FreeSWITCH

::. Various Softswitch Vendors
Including Cisco AS5350/5400/5850, Cisco MGX 8000, Lucent Max-TNT and APX-8000, Plexus 9000, and others.

::. VoIP Proxies
Including OpenSIPS, ACME Packet, MERA, and GnuGK.

::. Support for Sun/Solaris, Linux/Intel

::. Embedded Hardware and Operating Environments

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