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What We've Done

Here's an idea of what we've been up to lately.

New Democratic Party of Canada

Direct Leap was contracted by the Federal New Democratic Party to develop an automated telephone messaging application, our team of ten delivering in 4 months what the other companies in this space each spent literally millions of dollars developing. Direct Leap's owned and operated system brings a messaging campaign from concept to delivery faster than any alternative in the country.

In Spring 2004, the Automated Telemessaging System placed over 20,000 phone calls per hour with messages from Jack Layton, Stephen Page from the Bare Naked Ladies, Howard Hampton, Ed Broadbent, Monia Mazigh (wife of Maher Arar), and many local personalities. The system was used to capture sign locations with interactive prompts and was used extensively in Jack Layton's Leader's Tour to notify volunteers of local events across the country, as well as for critical Election Day get-out-the-vote campaigns.

Bitcasters L.L.C.

Direct Leap worked with Bitcasters to develop, an innovative viral-marketing Get Out The Vote system for the 2004 Presidential Election in the United States. Kerry supporters can pledge to call their friends on Election Day, and sign up for personal reminders via Email or sent to their cellphone via SMS.

Direct Leap Interactive worked directly with the client in New York to build a database-driven map of the United States in Flash. The application provides sophisticated tools to measure effectiveness and response rates, tracking email open rates, clickthroughs, and conversion rates.

Primus Telecommunications Canada

Direct Leap Technologies was contracted to develop a series of high-performance automated testing applications for their consumer products. Delivered rapidly and using commodity hardware, our test applications represent one of Primus's first uses of open-source systems for actual call-generating telephone equipment.

Primus Telecommunications is a Fortune 1000 company and has the second-largest customer base in Canada.

Certica Inc.

Direct Leap Technologies worked with Certica on many projects, including completing a sophisticated Web-to-Print application for one of Canada's largest printing companies. Using the Web-based software, staff can build their own textbook or catalogue by selecting and customizing content, with an automatically-generated table of contents and index.

After a successful rapid development project, our work was pivotal in the large printing client to land a $100 million per year textbook printing contract from one of the world's largest publishers based in New York.


Consultronics Product Design

Direct Leap developed a series of product proposals for Consultronics, a leading multinational vendor of telecommunications test equipment with a portfolio of dozens of test set products and customers including the largest carriers worldwide. Direct Leap has been a resource not only for telecommunications product design and embedded product development, but Web and Windows application development.

Direct Leap was contracted for a rapid development program for a confidential next-generation product prototype, our team of six using wireless technology and advanced embedded hardware to provide features which had never before been attempted.

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