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Direct Leap Innovations
Engineering for Carrier-class Telecommunications and IT Infrastructure

We build carrier-grade infrastructure systems, and our focus is open source technology. We solve strategic problems using technology.

Our specialties are telecom systems, embedded products, and infrastructure projects. We offer an inspired creative vision, coupled with bulletproof execution.

We've built large-scale calling card platforms, voicemail systems, long distance networks, portable wireless devices, custom voice applications, and critical business infrastructure. We have built entire businesses from scratch.

Our angle is radical innovation — we have consistently turned the impossible into practical.

Of course, we can build anything. That's the easy part, although the stuff we do is mostly pretty hard. Our creative design and strategic vision are we deliver are what we do that's not easy.

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Direct Leap Technologies
Powerful Communications and Organizing Tools for Nonprofits.

We help organizations to communicate without outbound calling campaigns. Clients can place large volumes of live-person or recorded calls, using our easy-to-use self serve tools.

Desktop Computing Solutions
Thin Computing: Green, Low-Cost, and Open Source.

A complete open-source thin client desktop infrastructure for organizations and service providers — backed by professional customer service, operations support, and management tools.

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