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We usually work remote, and we collaborate efficiently using the telephone, email, digital files, fax, conference calls, and videoconferencing if desired. In fact, back in the day we pioneered some of these distance-collaboration techniques.

Direct Leap is a tight-knit team of very experienced and accomplished technical minds. Our team for one project is different than another — eighteen for one project, a half-dozen for another, or perhaps only one or two will be involved. Our organization is dynamic and flexible, and adjusts perfectly to the needs of each project — no more and no less. This flexibility lets us each have the most interesting challenges to wrap our heads around.

We minimize headcount. If someone can't do something on their own, we don't use them. Each of us are experienced managers and senior architects, and we generally find it faster to just do everything ourselves than to surround ourselves with and manage trainees. Everything about Direct Leap is maximizing developer productivity.

We find ourselves more effective using a small team of exceptional strategists and developers, rather than a typical approach of using a large team of average developers.

We're educators. Just as successful political activists see themselves as popular educators, we try to help clients see into the future, and to see into the possibilities of our emerging tools. And you educate us as we get inside your head, and work hard to understand your business. Really work.

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