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Senior Design and Engineering Team

The greatest asset of a company is its people.

Whoever said this first is exactly right. These are a few of the more senior strategic and technical minds that make Direct Leap a powerful creative force for our products and clients alike.

Simon P. Ditner
Senior Developer and Operations

Prior to joining Direct Leap, Simon was one of the handful who managed Sprint Canada's national IP network. Aside from keeping the network running, at Sprint he made Asterisk interoperate with Lucent iMerge H323 media gateways, and wrote visualization tools to monitor thousands of devices on Sprint's network. During six months in 1999, he wrote a Web-based email client, using AJAX technology similar to Gmail. Simon is active in the Perl community, developing modules for visualization of large data sets.

Simon is a founding member of the Toronto Asterisk User's Group, and regularly organises monthly lectures and workshops, with his largest event attracting over 150 people.

Over breakfast one day, he joked that it would be cool if you could play text adventures from the 1980's over the phone, and proceeded to write a text-to-speech/speech-to-text gateway allowing Zork and other classic text-based adventure games to be played over the telephone using Asterisk PBX.

Simon has travelled to Iran and Guatemala, and is as passionate about social issues as the rest of the team. Simon studied Computer Science at the University of Waterloo and Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson University.

Eyal KatzB.Eng.
Creative Visionary and Architect

He's built just about everything, from arcade kiosks and automated banking machines, to virtual reality installations and interactive 3-D walkthroughs. He's built products with Linux, product testing systems for UNIX, and built low-level components and software of all kinds in Windows. We're all voracious lifelong learners, but Eyal has made a long career of using a new tool every chance he gets. His experience in object-oriented software design is reflected in a project to develop a new plug-in for Rational Rose, the leading software architecture tool.

Eyal is more than just software architecture and design, as his creative insight and boundless ideas as a technologist and product designer shine through in the rest of Eyal's life. He has a music collection with over ten thousand albums, can play half of these songs on his guitar, and everyone enjoys his good nature and sense of humour. Eyal has a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Toronto.

Anupam SharmaMA, B.Sc., PMP
Rock-Solid Project Manager

Anupam has been entrusted with projects of over $15 million for more than a decade. His 13-year career directing technology projects runs from from small teams to creating project organizations of 80 people. His leadership over major technology development projects have resulted in far-reaching and transformative change for his clients. He has training managers and merged technology tools of the Fortune 500 after acquisions and spinoffs. Anupam's history is rock solid in bringing specific technology projects to a successful completion.

Anupam recieved his PMP (Project Management Professional) certification from PMI almost ten years ago, and recieved his Masters degree in Mathematics in 1985 from York University. His expertise is sought after to design new management methodologies and processes for consulting firms including KPMG.

Norman FungM.Eng., B.A.Sc.
Uber-Programmer and Industrial Engineer

His experience runs the gamut of Windows development, and always includes the very latest tools. From serious statistical data-crunching to fuzzy logic, neural networks and machine learning, to data mining and warehousing, Norman's professional and research interests led to being sponsored in graduate school by Nortel Networks, where he found new ways of measuring network performance so bandwidth can be better used. He's also done some normal work, like building interfaces, writing networking applications, and using cryptography and databases.

With his Masters degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto, Norman has a strong background in injection moulding, CAD/CAM design and CNC tooling. Norman has managed engineering projects to troubleshoot production lines, piloted and tested runs, managed ISO quality and logistics, designed products and tooling. Norman is a cool guy, a great manager, and has the quiet confidence of someone who's done it all.

Mario KereckiUNIX Guru and Network Architect

You'd thought UNIX wizards aren't supposed to be regular people, quick to tell stories and to entertain a crowd. This is Mario, a natural teacher and a seasoned expert in the design, administration and security hardening of computer networks and servers. Mario has built huge clusters of servers for Web, databases, and streaming applications — one system he designed for RadioMoi serves more than 20 million license-paid songs to millions of users, from the racks and racks of servers at two locations that his team built, configured, and perfected.

Mario lead a project for Canada Post to build, install and configure over 1,200 networked servers to provide a shipping system throughout Canada. He and his teams have built close to two thousand special-purpose servers over a career spanning fourteen years, and whether it's a distributed system or just a couple racks of clustered servers, he can put together just about anything.

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